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Ozonizer Certizon C 25, ozonizační jednotka Sander, 25 mg/h, pro sladkovodní akvária do 500l, mořská do 250l, napojení 4 mm.

Ozonizer Certizon C 25, ozonizační jednotka Sander, 25mg/h, pro sladkovodní akvária do 500l, mořská do 250l, napojení 4mm.

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Benefits of a protein skimmer:
  • Air bubbles are used as filter media
  • Removes protein compounds and other organic substances from the water cycle
  • Reduces the production of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphates
  • Removes substances that cause turbidity
  • Creates a higher oxygen level
  • Supports an optimal ozone reaction
What is ozone, and what does it do?

Ozone is a special form of oxygen. Normally, two atoms of oxygen form an oxygen-molecule. Contrary to this, an ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms. Once this molecule is decomposed, new reaction partners are needed. All effects which ozone has on the biochemical course of reaction in the water are based on its high oxidation power. Ozone is the strongest available oxidation agent. On the other hand ozone is environmentally friendly, as it only consists of three atoms of oxygen and it doesn't introduce any chemicals into the water. Just as in nature, ozone is formed in a flash inside the ozone electrode from the oxygen content of the air. Therefore, three oxygen molecules are needed to form two ozone molecules.

Benefits ozone:
  • Reduces pathogens
  • Makes water crystal clear
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Reduces ammonia production
  • Reduces nitrite production
  • Supports the performance of biological filters
  • Removes organic matter
  • Removes yellow colorants in the water

Together, ozone and a protein skimmer will improve the water quality significantly. Filter systems will perform more stable and equally.Peaks of pathogens or harmful matters will be strongly reduced or totally prevented. It is the perfect addition for every filter system.

The German company Sander Aquarientechnik have a very good reputation. For decades they build professional protein skimmersand ozone systems, for private and commercial use.



Kód VK-Sander-C-25
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